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runner’s ego: training to lose 03/11/2011

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i ran my first half marathon almost 6 years ago. ah, may 2005: pre-engagement, pre-wedding, pre-marriage, pre-kids… the uncomplicated life. my finish time was a 2:06-ish. i was pleased because after running casually for almost two years, i finally had a baseline and it was an average of 9:36 minutes per mile. fast forward 6 years, and i want to try again. however, i also want to improve my time and lose some minutes.

i have been debating my second half marathon for over 6 months now. here’s my problem: i am competitive with myself. i want to run my next half marathon under 2 hours. i believe i am faster than i was six years ago, and i want my race time to reflect that. this is definitely my running ego talking.

i have determined that to achieve my goal, i need to run under 9:06 minutes per mile. yep, this means around 30 seconds less per mile compared the last race.

shaving several minutes off a race goal is no small feat. the good news is that i have had essentially six years to get ready. ha! plus, i have an amazingly supportive husband who will do whatever he can to make sure i get all my training time in. the bad news is that my knees are not top of the line. plus, training for the last race, i developed plantar fasciitis which requires a really fashionable boot to correct. i have to be cautious and diligent with training so that i do not injure myself – or end up wearing corrective gear that makes me look silly.

to top it off, i don’t like to run in races. it’s not my running mantra. first and foremost, i like to run for the peace and quiet of the road and how good it feels physically and mentally. i run on a treadmill in the winter to avoid injury and it’s not nearly as relaxing but i do it to keep my fitness level up. secondly, i am a cheapskate and do not like to pay someone else in order to run.

i also struggle with the idea that training for a 13.1 mile run, where i could potentially injure myself thereby taking away one of my great joys, conflicts with wanting to run for the next 20-30 years of my life. the need to run and be active is vitally important to me, yet i want to prove to myself that i can do another 13.1m – and do it better than my first.

here is where you come in. if you’re reading this, you’re probably a friend, a former colleague, a former classmate, or someone who reads every blog in the stratosphere and stumbled upon mine. regardless, i need your help. it’s difficult for me to coordinate training with anyone since it’s a constant juggling act to find the time to train just by myself. as a result, i am lacking camaraderie and motivational running spirit in my training. this is my official request for support and encouragement: please. i need it and will take any ounce of it you throw my way. thanks in advance.

i *feel* like i can do this. i just registered for the race and paid 70 bucks saying i *think* i can do this. now i just need to actually do this, and train hard enough to lose. wish me luck.