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sahm: going new places, doing new things 01/25/2011

Filed under: Activities — ccatet @ 8:43 am

a few weeks ago, i made a new friend at the rec center. this should come as a surprise as i tend to be somewhat anti-social with new people. remember, i don’t like people? however, she was funny, friendly, and normal. plus, we’re both aspiring to run more. and so, a new friendship began.

a few days later, i learned that she writes a major columbus blog for parents! yay, new ideas AND a new friend! amazingly, she asked me to write a guest post for her – my first! i am thankful to her for reminding me that i have a blog. i had almost forgotten.

if you haven’t already checked her out, Cbus Mom is a great local site offering first-hand information on where to go and what to do with kids in columbus, ohio. today her guest post is part 1 of our recent trip to visit two museums in cleveland. Click here to read it!


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