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sahm: dinosaur bones in cleveland 01/31/2011

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several times during my childhood, my mom took my brother and i to the cleveland museum of natural history. one of my favorite parts was climbing the huge stegosaurus out front! i was excited when i learned that this museum was also FREE with a COSI membership – and yes, the stegosaurus is still there!

considering my 4Y son is enamored with dinosaur bones, i thought it would be fun to check it out with him. click here to read part 2 of my museum day guest post on the cbusmom blog!

it was a fun but long day. thankfully, the most expensive thing about the day was taking the kids to red robin for dinner… but the unlimited french fries always have a way of perking me up! YUMMMMMM!


sahm: going new places, doing new things 01/25/2011

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a few weeks ago, i made a new friend at the rec center. this should come as a surprise as i tend to be somewhat anti-social with new people. remember, i don’t like people? however, she was funny, friendly, and normal. plus, we’re both aspiring to run more. and so, a new friendship began.

a few days later, i learned that she writes a major columbus blog for parents! yay, new ideas AND a new friend! amazingly, she asked me to write a guest post for her – my first! i am thankful to her for reminding me that i have a blog. i had almost forgotten.

if you haven’t already checked her out, Cbus Mom is a great local site offering first-hand information on where to go and what to do with kids in columbus, ohio. today her guest post is part 1 of our recent trip to visit two museums in cleveland. Click here to read it!


sahm: a year in rewind 01/22/2011

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has it really been almost a year since i posted a blog? gosh, where does the time go? wait, i know… it was a tough year, probably one of the hardest ones i have had. first, i lost a good friend, my maternal grandmother to old age. then i spent the better part of the remaining year struggling with a medical issue, only to end the year with no real answers. overall, it was a year with too much stress and anxiety, thankfully, none of it stemming from my beautiful children and amazing husband. i try not to wish time away, but i was grateful to kiss 2010 goodbye! i am ready for a new year!

i typically don’t make resolutions, but i do believe in learning new things. this year, as a family we have decided that we will read new books, go new places, try new foods, play new sports, and continue to learn new things. with a 4Y and 2Y, and an insatiably curious husband, i have no doubt i will learn a lot this year too, probably without trying too hard.