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sahm: mama wants a new dress (or two) 01/23/2010

Filed under: General — ccatet @ 10:40 pm

sure, i bought a wedding dress less than 5 years ago. but since then, nada on the dresses. oh wait, i did buy a cute gap maternity dress that was extremely functional, at the time. who knows where that thing is now… i gave it away, or sold it. my point is that i am not a girl who typically wears dresses. i prefer yoga pants and dri-fit tees, jeans and sweaters, track pants and fleece zip ups.

yet lately, i see all the spring dresses coming out and i long for a beautiful dress. i have no idea why.

my brother is getting married this year and i am thrilled for him. he also asked me to stand up for him which in the world of siblings is pretty amazing and wonderful. this is especially true for us since we used to beat the crap out of each other. we had a love/hate thing going on for most of our young lives. when he moved within 20 minutes of my family a few years ago, it was nothing short of fabulous.

i have decided that his wedding and the reception (which will be held in another place on a different date) are the perfect occasions to buy pretty dresses.

for me.

wow – does that mean i will get two dresses this year? i am chomping at the bit to start looking.

and the shoes? i am salivating at the thought.

i have already decided that i will be saving my pennies for this. i will focus on design and fit versus cost and coupons. this will be hard considering most days i am laser locked on savings.

secretly, i have a feeling it will be very easy to spend a lot of money, even just for a moment.

but i can do it. i am up for the challenge.


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