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sahm: perspective 10/28/2009

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as the fall winds down and we head into the holiday season, i have been reflecting on my time home with the kids. i was laid off 8 months ago this week and can’t believe how our lives have evolved and changed.

i now have the strength and courage to go places with my children – alone – that i never would have gone before. initially, it was survival but now it’s great fun. today we jumped on trampolines all morning, had lunch at bob evans and this afternoon we’re going swimming. 🙂

my son will be 3 in a few weeks and is a full blown preschooler. he is very funny, loves to run (just like his mom & dad), and can tell you in great detail about any truck or construction vehicle on the road. when i was first laid off, i used to find myself pretty lonely. however, he has become a fabulous companion to me during the day. he asks good questions and listens to the answers, connects pretty abstract ideas and is extremely observant. now if only i could get him to use the potty!

i am grateful to have seen every single one of my daughter’s teeth come in. she is now working on number 11. she gets a little cough and becomes very clingy with each new tooth. although it’s hard to do everything while carrying her, i know she will be BIG like her brother soon – so i hold on to her as tight as possible. she can be a mama’s girl if she wants.

i have watched my son go from ignoring his baby sis as she crawled around to eagerly helping her up when she stumbles. they now chase each other around the kitchen island and squeal with laughter the entire time! i try to stop what i am doing to watch them and soak it up… as high-pitched as it is, the sound is truly is music to my ears. they are happy which makes me very happy.

i really don’t miss working full time. based on what i hear from former co-workers, i am thrilled to not be living in my old corporate world anymore. it’s amazing how time and space give perspective. yes, i still do look for jobs but i find that there is very little that i would even consider leaving these two monkeys for. i have a part-time, work-from-home job right now and that suits me just fine.

a former colleague said it best: “you can always go back to work, but you can only raise your children once.” he’s one crazy dude, but on this point, he is absolutely right.


One Response to “sahm: perspective”

  1. Nina Says:

    I love reading your blog! Although we are in different stages of our family lives, as an educated woman who values family, I can relate. Your beautiful spirit really shines through in your blog, and I am 100% convinced rubs off on your children also.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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