laid off and learning to love it… my journey from corporate sprinter to life marathoner

sahm: pick your battles 08/10/2009

Filed under: Parenting,SAHM Choice — ccatet @ 2:36 pm

when i was working, a significant amount of parenting in our family was done by our child care center. right or wrong, sometimes this didn’t sit well with me. however, since i was laid off, it’s all me – all the time… and this can get to be a little exhausting and frustrating. as a SAHM, i find that i have to constantly pick my battles when it comes to parenting. if i decided to make EVERY moment a teachable moment, i would go crazy.

these moments didn’t really emerge until our son crossed into the land of the two year olds. and lucky me, i was laid off just 3 months after his 2nd birthday. my son is conversational, curious, and precocious – which are all wonderful. however, he is also pushing his limits and exploring the world which can really challenge me. as someone who formerly worked outside of the home, i find that being a SAHM is significantly more intense than being a working mom. being a SAHM is much messier, literally and figuratively, yet it is also ridiculously fulfilling and joyful. thankfully, almost every mess is outweighed by the good stuff.

to keep myself sane, right now i try to focus on three areas mainly because my kids are still pretty young: safety, kindness/manners and dining. the safety piece is a non-negotiable. also, we want the kids to be able to eat out without a major scene so dining is elevated. finally, i believe kindness and manners are areas where a solid foundation is required for the kids to grow into decent human beings. we’re hoping through our efforts that we avoid the principal’s office and other similar locations!

there are days that i wish child care would just take over: yes, please… potty train my almost 3 year old son… yes, please feed my 1 year old daughter because after she eats there is over half of her meal on the floor and mushed into her clothes.

however, they can’t keep them for long. i would miss them too much.


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