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sahm: i can do anything 07/16/2009

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this has been my mantra since i was laid off. it gets me through all of those tough moments.  usually i think to myself, “i can do anything – i gave birth, TWICE!” for all of you mothers out there, you know what i’m screaming.

this works in just about every moment where i feel like quitting. for example, the first mile (or last mile) of a run, those forever minutes during a long car drive where both kids are screaming and you think your head might explode, the seemingly endless piles of laundry that you’d rather lay down on than fold. you get my drift.

i am a believer that it’s all about your outlook and i tend to be pretty positive overall. i don’t hang well with negative nellies and i encourage my children to keep trying, try again, and regularly spew the “it’s all good” comment to shake off a tumble or scrape. this is life — nothing is fair. if you don’t make the most of it, you only have yourself to blame.

now, there are some things i CHOOSE not to do… things like cook elaborate meals (too much time, too many dishes), wear fancy clothes (too expensive, hate to iron), and run a marathon (bad knees, not enough hours in the day). but i have a feeling, if i decided suddenly that these were things i wanted to do, i would make it happen.


One Response to “sahm: i can do anything”

  1. tmiket Says:

    I have NO doubt that if you decide to do something…anything…it WILL happen! 8-D

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