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stockpile IV: planning for special events 07/07/2009

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the last piece of stockpiling that deserves attention is stockpiling for special events: birthdays, bbqs, holidays, vacations, etc. even if you’re working or don’t have much storage space available, this can save you some serious cash and cut down on pre-event chaos!

the idea is that you do not buy supplies right before the event – instead you buy them weeks or months in advance through coupons and sales.

the summer months are a perfect time to kick start your special event stockpile… including memorial day, fourth of july, and the upcoming summer season until labor day. in our world, that translates to lots of bbqs, a birthday party for my daughter, a week long vacation, and several impromptu dinner gatherings. such excitment.

unless you like to run your dishwasher multiple times a day, you probably use paper/plastic bowls, cups, plates and utensils during this season. i highly recommend to closely guard your coupons and watch the ads to stock up on these items! every single store has had different brands on sale – dixie, solo, chinet – and i have been fortunate enough to purchase all of the plates, bowls and cups for the birthday party at the bargain price of $4. i would have paid $15+ had i paid full price.

as for vacation planning, i know we’ll eat out a few meals while on vacation – as you should in order to fully relax! however, with a full kitchen on site, we should be able to manage breakfast, most lunches and snacks, and a few dinners in house. with that in mind, my goal for the past few weeks has been to acquire all vacation dry goods as a part of my weekly shopping as deals surface. i am 90% there right now and still have plenty of time!

if i play my cards right, i will stock up for little to no cost on these vacation goods. then when vaca-time comes, we can spend our weekly shopping amount on dining out and the few perishables that we’ll need that week. by planning ahead, the additional food budget for our vacation is almost non-existent… if only i could say the same for the gas budget as we will be driving 10+ hours each way!

who knew one had so much to say on such a boring topic – i hope to never write about stockpiles again!  no matter, good luck to you if you venture into the world of stockpiling – and if you have any other great ideas, please leave a comment and share them!


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