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stockpile I: what is it 06/29/2009

Filed under: Organization,Saving Money,Stockpile — ccatet @ 11:02 pm

i write about my stockpile a lot… some of you may wonder what i am actually speaking about when i refer to my stockpile. i wish it were a stockpile of cash – alas, it is not.

stockpile (noun) – something kept in back or saved for future use or a special purpose (source: freedictionary.com)

the stockpile i regularly refer to is the stash of household & grocery items that we have in surplus for the family stored in our home. this stockpile was built up when i was first laid off and realized i needed to capitalize on great deals today in order to realize future savings. as time has gone on, i have maintained the stockpile – depleting, replenishing, etc.

the concept is simple: you have fantastic coupons plus a sale which allow you to purchase items for very little or perhaps even at no cost. do you buy many of them? YES! these items make up your stockpile.

if you’re thinking of building up your own stockpile, i recommend allocating specific real estate for these items. we have a shelf in the basement, storage under the master bathroom sink, and 50% of a small hall closet devoted to the storage of the stockpile. maybe one day we’ll get a deep freezer. however, any more storage than this and the surplus would feel too excessive to me!

what goes in your stockpile really requires further discussion… more on that tomorrow. 🙂


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