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sahm: less showers = more savings! 06/15/2009

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Thinking of being a SAHM? Here is what I have learned so far:
1) Less showers = save money on water and healthier hair

for many years while working, i would average one or more showers a day. i used to need one first thing in the morning, and if there was any kind of evening workout, a quick rinse off at night. between showers for myself and my husband (an avid runner who sweats like a madman), plus a few baths a week for the kids, our water consumption was really getting up there.

to top it off, i took LOOONNNNNNGGGG showers in the morning, we’re talking 20 minutes or more. not sure why… maybe because i used shower time as a way to wake up? well, those days are gone.

thinking of staying home with the kids? your showers and the time allotted for said showers will be coming WAAAAAAYYYYY down. i try to get a good sweat-inducing workout in 3-4x a week and allow myself the luxury of a shower on those days (i think my family and friends appreciate it too). the days in between, which usually consist of yoga, are generally shower off-days. frankly, i don’t have time to shower any more than that!

thankfully, there is a silver lining: less showers = water bill savings plus healthier hair! i mention the latter because when i do shower, i rarely have time to blow dry my hair. my stylist contends that my hair has never been so healthy. now if she can just work on keeping the gray from coming in so fast… oh wait, that’s hereditary (sigh)… she can’t help me.

the actual $ savings part is top of mind because the previous quarter’s water bill arrived this weekend. a little background first: since our daughter was born last year and we became a family of 4, our average bill was approximately $135 per quarter. however, when our last quarter’s bill arrived yesterday, which essentially covers the time since i have been home, it was $110. this outcome was not what i expected since it got warm fast here in ohio and we frequently run the sprinkler, water the garden, refill the water table and wash our own cars. we also eat at home much more which leads to running the dishwasher at least every other day. even with all of that, our bill still went down 20%!

after racking my brain, the only difference i can think of is that i shower less. this has been a completely unexpected way to save money being home – and i will take it!

with no more morning showers for me, you must be wondering if i am even remotely pleasant in the morning? yes, i actually think i am. my kids are usually good sleepers and they average a 7:30am wake up. unfortunately, i cannot seem to sleep much past 7, but the good news is there are no alarm clocks in my world anymore – small victory. also, i do like a cup of coffee and a few minutes to myself before the day begins which i can typically get. finally, the chattering or giggling starts from one of my kids’ rooms. this sound is music to my ears. from where i now sit, this beats a shower any day.


One Response to “sahm: less showers = more savings!”

  1. Mike Says:

    I think you are *QUITE* lovely in the morning! (..and any other part of the day for that matter!)

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