laid off and learning to love it… my journey from corporate sprinter to life marathoner

sahm: daddy is king 06/13/2009

Filed under: Daddy — ccatet @ 9:43 am

being home means the kids are used to seeing me all day, every day.  when the end of the day comes and daddy walks in the door, there is always a multitude of smiles and squeals… all directed at him.

at first i was offended – we had always done equal parenting when i worked and the kids rarely showed favoritism. now that i was home, i was lowest on the totem pole!  didn’t they remember who was there for them all day for everything???

then it hit me, he was like a toy they had lost and then found again, he is a novelty. he is more special because they don’t see him all day.

i admit, he is pretty great in general and especially when it comes to being a daddy. we are lucky to have him.

so, i guess daddy is king … although he claims he is a figurehead. i love that about him.


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