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sahm: i used to have nice legs… 06/11/2009

Filed under: SAHM Choice — ccatet @ 8:24 pm

i swear i am not overly vain but being pretty active with running, general fitness and weights, i can honestly say i have decent legs. unfortunately, those legs are now marred by a conglomeration of bruises — unfortunately, i have no idea what i did to cause them.

being home with the kids, i can’t even begin to tell you how many bruises i get on the average day. usually i ice a few during naptime and get a few more in the evening… oh the joys of motherhood.

i am sure it has something to do with chasing a toddler several hours a day and maneuvering too quickly (all too often) to meet kid requests inside a mini-van. my husband would probably also offer up that i am a wee-bit spatially challenged. sadly, this *challenge* is magnified when you’re frequently carrying 2 kids and your visual field is limited.

my point is, being home is physically much more exhausting than any day i ever had in the office. it is not a job for the weak (physically or mentally). since i have been home i have acquired calluses on both knees (crawling around on the floor), had 3 fat lips (accidental bang-ups from the toddler) and have seen *stars* about 8 times when my head collides with someone elses.

i won’t lie… these days when daddy gets home, i am eager for reinforcements. by the time the kids are in bed, i feel like i have been hit by a mack truck. god forbid i exercised at any point during the day — then i am diving for the ibuprofen.

wonderfully enough, the only reason i can recall that the bruises occurred is that most of my bang-ups (for which i usually let out a whimper or a yelp) are typically followed by a little person checking on me… offering me a kiss for my ouchie. you certainly reap what you sow. 🙂

regardless, i have come to believe that these bruises are much easier to deal with than the bureacratic madness i dealt with in the office. i do not miss banging my head on the desk when i had to jump through hoop after hoop with no end in sight. i do not miss the passive aggressive tendencies of some colleagues or the seemingly pointless requests from upper level management (maybe there was a point, it was just not always apparent to me).

i am much more at peace now than i have been in years.

and thankfully, the biggest hoop i have been known to jump through these days is a hula-hoop… i just hope i don’t trip. i don’t need any more bruises.


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