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sahm: stacking coupons 06/10/2009

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before i really knew coupon lingo, i thought this was some kind of illegal activity!  seriously though, for those who don’t really have time to research and ask questions in stores, yes – you can sometimes stack coupons! this translates to some serious savings if you are planful.

for the broader audience, Target is a great example.  go to target.com and select Grocery Coupons off the bottom navigation.  this week’s store coupons can be found at: http://sites.target.com/site/en/supertarget/page.jsp?title=coupons_specials

here is how these work… they can only used in Target however you can “stack” them (use them in conjunction) with a manufacturer coupon.

an example: 2 weeks ago, there was a $1 off dixie paper plates/cups coupon on target.com.  i checked my handy dandy coupon binder and found 4 dixie coupons for $.50 off 1 item, so i printed 4 of the target coupons (one to match with each manufacturer coupon).  i am still a little cheap, so i waited to see if they would also go on sale at target and they did.  this week, they are on sale and i bought 4 packages (travel coffee mugs and paper plates) for $.99 each plus tax (orig 2.99, on sale at 2.49, less $1.50 from coupons = $.99). spent $4, saved $8. love it!

for those who shop Meijer, they also have coupons on their site which can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.  you find them through their Mealbox link here: http://meijermealbox.publishpath.com/?recipe=mb_b8b .

one last suggestion to bring it all together: i have learned to print the coupons on these sites every week especially if i have a coupon to stack it with, and then watch and wait for a sale, keeping an eye on expiration date. THIS, my friends, is where the savings truly exist.

when i get my receipt, i love it when my sale/coupon savings are significantly greater than my total bill! all of this and more has taught me how to have FUN while living on a budget.  it’s like a little game… and being a teeny-tiny bit competitive, i really like winning!


3 Responses to “sahm: stacking coupons”

  1. Renae Says:

    Hi – have you found this site yet. Printing Meijer coupons is so much easier because it’s sorted by expiration date & they print several on a page instead of one per page. New find and I’m loving it. 🙂

  2. tmiket Says:

    Just a “teeny-tiny” bit?!?! LOL Love you baby!!!

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