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sahm: i will never pay for toothpaste again 06/10/2009

Filed under: Saving Money — ccatet @ 10:12 pm

i have really gotten thrifty, to say the least.

i have found that some things you rarely have to spend money for – toothpaste included. for example, there are $1 off colgate coupons in almost every sunday paper. meijer and CVS frequently run promotions that offer colgate for $1, which after coupon makes it FREE!

deodorant is another product we have been pretty lucky with… the last few I have bought I paid exactly 12 cents per item. cvs is great for always having a few 75% off clearance deodorants and we stroll through there about once a week, coupon binder by my side. also, they usually have lotions and other items on clearance which i scope out, just in case. for the record, i am not talking about cvs brand (although trading down is a whole separate topic), i am talking about right guard, gillette, lady’s speed stick and dove to name a few.

interestingly, we’re essentially buying the same things that we bought when we were not on a strict budget and yet we’re paying so much less for them.

another little trick i have learned is that many coupons do not disclude the trial size. a few weeks ago, there was a $1 off dove deodorant coupon in the sunday paper. meanwhile at target, they sell trial size dove deodorants in the travel aisle for 97 cents. how about that? i picked up 2 with 2 coupons — and will hang on to them when my stockpile gets low or an airline trip requires it.

dish soap is another similar item. there is a great price at cvs this week ($2 for 2 bottles), which i price-matched at meijer, plus i had $.50 coupons that doubled for each item. translation: 2 -10.3 oz bottles for FREE!

one more to whet your appetite for shopping on a budget … today at meijer i paid $.40 for a 40 oz bottle of lysol pourable (on promo, plus a coupon that doubled). i couldn’t resist and bought 2 of them as i had two coupons. amazingly, this will be all the cleaner i will need to clean floors and wipe down toys for several months and all for 80 cents!

crazy, i know… but true.

you can’t get everything for free or even for cheap – I wish! one of the greatest perks of saving so much money is that i never feel guilty for indulging in yummy fresh produce and organic milk for the kids. some products and brands are totally worth the cost.

if you like FREE, make sure to check out the links on the right navigation bar under blogroll. (http://www.moneysavingmom.com/ & http://www.thriftyandchicmom.com/) both do a great job of highlighting when items can be free or almost free!

something to keep in mind…  if you can get products for free but may not necessary use or need them, it’s a perfect way to give to those in need. consider a food pantry in your area when you find yourself with too much in your stockpile. hey – you can only use so much toothpaste!

by now you probably understand that saving this kind of money is at least a part-time job.  i would absolutely concur.  i often tell my husband i would have never had time for this while working and kick myself for years of overspending. no worries, he says… i have plenty of time to make up for it.


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