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sahm: i miss my commute 06/09/2009

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ok, so i don’t miss the gas charges, or the 70 extra minutes away from the family daily, but i am rarely alone anymore. as a result, i sometimes yearn for 70 minutes alone in the car.  maybe i would drive to the outlet malls (YAY!) or maybe i would sit in a parking lot and call friends who i can never catch up with! honestly, what i probably should do is read the 5 months worth of magazines sitting on my nightstand… then maybe my husband could see the alarm clock again. 🙂

from where i sit, being a SAHM means you actually get less time for yourself compared to if you worked out of the home.  no more lunches with friends, chats to and from the cafe or before and after meetings, and no more casually eating a tootsie roll or piece of gum without a little person asking for one too! my candy consumption has gone WAY down since i have been home!

the way i *attempt* balance is prioritizing naptime to suit my needs: me time first which translates to computer time while i make SURE everyone is asleep, then yoga or a shower if there was too much sweating that morning!  the rest is gravy – usually cleaning up lunch and morning activities, prepping dinner, some household cleaning, coupon organizing, etc.

i have never sat down during a nap, not once. there are no bon-bons or soap operas in my world.  if you’re thinking of being a SAHM, think about how you plan to prioritize that small piece of time you have to yourself every day. it’s precious time meant to restore you… if you need a handful of M&Ms and a daily dose of ellen, go for it.

you give so much of yourself being home that, even if it’s just for 90 minutes a day, your needs should come first.  the best part is, no one is around to try to tell you otherwise…


One Response to “sahm: i miss my commute”

  1. Welcome to the world of SAHM the hardest most rewarding job you will ever do. I love your insights all things that make me laugh and are so true. The sacred naptime, don’t ever mess with naptime.

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